Big Lottery Winners


Big Lottery Winners

The odds of being a big lottery winner is high, 13,983,816 to 1 in a typical 6/49 lotto game, to be exact.

Let's say you buy one lottery ticket per week. 13,983,816 weeks is roughly 269,000 years. In the quarter-million years of play, you could expect to win the jackpot only once.

However, this should not discourage lotto fans from enjoying the game. Many have in fact become millionaires by playing the lottery.

The following table shows the biggest lottery winners to date.

Prize Lottery Winner Date
$390m - world's largest jackpot Mega Millions
Won by two ticket holders; one from New Jersey and one from Georgia March 6, 2007
$365m - world's largest single winner Powerball (US) One ticket bought jointly by eight co-workers at a Nebraska meat processing plant February 18, 2006
$363m The Big Game (US) Larry and Nancy Ross (Michigan), Joe and Sue Kainz (Illinois) May 9, 2000
€180m ($238m) - Europe's largest jackpot EuroMillions Won by three ticket holders; two from France, one from Portugal February 3, 2006
€115m ($152m) - Europe's largest single winner and the world's largest single payout EuroMillions Dolores McNamara (Ireland) July 29, 2005
€71.8m ($91.6m) - Italy's largest prize SuperEnalotto One ticket bought jointly by ten bar customers in Milan, Italy May 4, 2005
£42m ($81m) - England's largest prize National Lottery Won by three ticket holders January 6, 1996
£35.4m ($71.4m) - UK's largest single payout EuroMillions Angela Kelly (UK) August 10, 2007
€37.6m ($49.6m) - Germany's largest prize National Lottery Won by a male nurse from North Rhine-Westphalia October 7, 2006
€16.2 m ($22.2m) - Ireland's biggest single payout National Lottery Paul and Helen Cunningham (Ireland) July 28, 2007

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